View Code Differences between Two Documents

VbaDiff has the power to compare the VBA code contained in two Office Documents at a time. For each module in each document, VbaDiff checks to see whether the other document contains the same module. If the module is present in both documents, VbaDiff then compares the content of the module to check whether they are identical in both documents.

This kind of comparison is commonly known as a ‘diff’. We use the terms ‘diff’ and ‘compare’ interchangeably in this manual.

When VbaDiff opens it presents you with the main window:

Shortcut to uninstall VbaDiff
The main VbaDiff window.

The main window has a ‘left hand side’ and a ‘right hand side’. To perform a diff:

  1. Click on the browse button on the left hand side. A dialog box will appear.
  2. Select the first file that you would like to compare and click ‘Open’.
  3. VbaDiff closes the dialog box reads the VBA from your chosen file, presenting them in a tree view below the browse button.
  4. At this point, VbaDiff has nothing to compare to, so all of the code modules are marked with a blue question mark to signify that they are unmatched.
  5. Click on the browse button on the right hand side and use the dialog box to select the second file that you would like to compare.
  6. VbaDiff will load the second file and automatically compare its contents to the contents of the first file.

There are several other ways to select documents.