Trial Mode Limitations

If VbaDiff is running in Trial Mode, it is subject to a few limitations.

Retrieving Code

When running in Trial Mode, VbaDiff will only retrieve the first block of lines from your code modules. This is normally about 50 or so lines of code.

VbaDiff is actually reading all of your code, but only shows the first block. If you buy a license, you can use it to immediately gain access to your code.

Trial Mode is a good way of checking that VbaDiff can parse your files ánd read your code, before purchasing a license.

This limitation affects all areas in which you can retrieve code, such as exporting, performing a code Diff, or using the VEdits viewing window.

Trial Expiration

VbaDiff will run in trial mode for about 30 days. After this point, you will not be able to perform any diffs or export any code.