Selecting a Diff Tool

VbaDiff uses third-party Diff tools to examine VBA code line by line. This means that you can continue to work with your favourite Diff Tool.

Before you can compare any code on a line-by-line basis, you need to tell VbaDiff which tool you would like to use.

To Select a Diff Tool

  1. Start from the main VbaDiff screen.
  2. From the Menu Bar, select Options-Diff Tool.
  3. The Diff Tool selection screen will appear.
    VbaDiff screen for selecting a Diff Tool.
    The Diff Tool selection window.
  4. Highlight your preferred Diff Tool, then click on the OK button.

VbaDiff will save your choice and always show VBA code in the Diff Tool that you chose.

If you would like to switch to a different tool, repeat the process above.

Wait - My Favourite Diff Tool is Not on this List!

Technicana will be adding more diff tools to this list as we test each one. If you have a particular favourite, or you have your own tool that you would like to promote, please get in touch with us at and we will do our best to add it.