Custom Diff Tools

If your chosen diff tool doesn't appear in Diff Tool list, or your installation differs from what VbaDiff expects, you can configure VbaDiff to use a Custom Diff Tool.

N.B. custom diff tools are intended for advanced users. We recommend that you use one of the preconfigured Diff Tools where possible.

To Conigure a Custom Diff Tool

  1. Start from the main VbaDiff screen.
  2. From the Menu Bar, select Options-Diff Tool.
  3. The Diff Tool selection screen will appear.
    VbaDiff screen for selecting a Diff Tool.
    The Diff Tool selection window.
  4. Select the Custom Diff Tool, then click on the Configure button to open the Configuration Window.
    Button to open the Custom Diff Tool configuration window.
    Custom Diff Tool Configuration Button.
  5. The Configuration Window will appear.
    Window for Configuring Custom Diff Tool.
    Custom Diff Tool Configuration Window
  6. In the Executable Path text box, enter the path to your chosen diff tool.
  7. In the Command Line Arguments text box, enter the arguments that should be supplied to the diff tool. Use %l to represent the path to the left hand file

VbaDiff will save your choice and always show VBA code in the Diff Tool that you chose.

If you would like to switch to a different tool, repeat the process above.