About VbaDiff

VbaDiff is a tool for developers who use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It reads Microsoft Office documents and compares the VBA code they contain, displaying the differences in a clear manner to the developer. The developer can also merge the differences between the VBA codesets and save them back to the original documents.

How VbaDiff Works

Unlike most comparison tools, VbaDiff reads and writes VBA code directly to the Microsoft Office document. This means that you can compare and merge code without even opening the containing Office Documents.

After VbaDiff has read a file, it will display a list of all the VBA code modules it contains. If you then open a second file, VbaDiff will compare the code inside both files and graphically display which modules are different. Should you wish to drill down further, VbaDiff will supply the underlying VBA code to your favourite Text Diff Tool for a full comparison.

Shortcut to uninstall VbaDiff
The main VbaDiff window compares two files. In this example, VbaDiff has highlighted differences in two modules.

Updating your Documents

As you send files to your favourite diff tool, VbaDiff will monitor for any changes that you make to the code. When you save the altered code files, VbaDiff will detect the changes and then load them into memory. You then have the option of saving the changes back to your documents.

This gives you the ability to do full code merges across similar VBA codebases, quickly and reliably.