VbaDiff - the World's Easiest VBA Diff tool

VbaDiff Main Screen

VbaDiff is designed to bring modern software practice to VBA development. With VbaDiff you can:

  • Work better with other developers
  • Improve your release process
  • Track code changes
  • Use Source Control for VBA

Diff'ing two VBA projects is as simple as dragging them into the text boxes at the top of the window. VbaDiff will mark modules that have code changes in red and modules that are not in both projects in blue.

Whenever I get called out to a client site, I fire up VbaDiff to see what code has been changed since my last visit. A real time saver.

Alex Hodges | Antistia Systems

Exporting code from VbaDiff

Recover VBA Code

Workbook corrupt? Need to recover your VBA code quickly and get on with your projects? VbaDiff's unique mechanism for accessing VBA code means that it can recover code that other tools can't.

VbaDiff reads the VBA quickly and without opening the spreadsheet or document. You can then export all the VBA code from your project with a simple right-click.

Try our free trial to confirm that VbaDiff can read your code, then our automated licensing servers can have you running in minutes.

Every other attempt I spent today for opening a corrupted file has failed but now I managed to open the VBA code in a matter of seconds. You should really highlight this feature on your VbaDiff frontpage!

Tomi Sarpola | Nokia Siemens

See Changes Immediately

VbaDiff working with WinMerge

To see what the differences are at a code level, simply double-click on the module that you're interested in. There's no need to learn how to use a new diff tool - you can continue to use the one you already have.

Being able to easy spot the changes between versions of VBA code makes VbaDiff a great collaboration tool for teams of VBA developers.

I teach an elective VBA Modeling course to students. While trying to evaluate their VBA code, I needed a tool to compare their new code from their old code. After comparing several applications I found VbaDiff to be the best.

Vivek Gupta | Indian Institute of Management

VbaDiff API Documentation

Harness the API

Read VBA Documents programmatically with VbaDiff Enterprise. Read from hundreds of documents quickly and easily. Audit your code, find calls to a particular library and enforce standards.

VbaDiff Enterprise acts as a .NET library, which means you can build your applications around it. Full API documentation and examples are provided.

One of my projects related to identifying and recoding all of the Excel VBA modules that referenced resources that were being migrated. Being able to programmatically search through all of the Excel books made this trivial. VbaDiff Enterprise served our purpose perfectly.

Immanuel Smits | Fiera Capital